Jumat, 19 Juni 2015

Modern residence in Las Vegas designed by Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces

The American designer Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces is responsible for design of the Hurtado Residence in Las Vegas, Nevada. The design aimed to capture the idea of a modern residence that is fit to welcome young guests with a joyful attitude. The door wide 11 foot that reveals an Italian striped floor tile, there is also a space for the elevator tower that works for all three stories and the floatins staircase is made from stainless steel. The kitchen and living space have a spectacular 14-foot wide fireplace and the metallic silver hardwood floors and the Scavolini cabinets add a luxurious aspect to the residence.

The ceilings can be easily noticed because blue LED lighting draws the attention of the visitors to the ceilings. The design of the house started around June of 2009 and the construction ended in January of 2011,the house having 10.000 square feet. The Hurtado Residence can be found in The Ridges-it`s a community near Red Rock Canyon in the west of Las Vegas.

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