Rabu, 03 Juni 2015

Redesign a store into a office in Barcelona

This office is located in Barcelona, in the past, it functioned as a store so that it is being isolated from the outside. With the plan to reconstruct and change the design and structure of building, this architecture completely change. The interior space was opened, continuous glass was used and open iron carpentry without the use of studs to let the natural light fill the space. Even if the space seems open now, thanks to dark gray screens the space has privacy, too. The iron is gray painted dark graphite and it matches the interior furnishings.

The design captures the idea of being an architect and what the job implies. The color of pencils-graphite to be more precise was used and white on walls to remind us of the papers that are necessary in this domain. The inner wall of the room is very peculiar due to its irregularities. It is painted in a gradient hue of gray.

The Lamp was also designed by the people from the architecture studio-they used some iron that was already “flowing” in the space and they covered the iron with sheets of folded parchment paper to remind us of studio plans. On the exterior side you can see 6 tables and a dark shelf for books and other magazines.

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