Sabtu, 06 Juni 2015

A fireplace and the unique design provide a lot of functionality and style

The firm of Modfire specializes in fireplaces and the design a lot of interesting and unique ones that provide a lot of functionality and style. Their latest creation is one for the outdoors and it was named Astrofire.The Astrofire is related to one of their previous popular models, namely the Urbanfire line which focused on the exterior. It has a circular design to permit the homogenous distribution of heat and look good from all angles. The material it is made from is steel and it uses propane or natural gas for burning with a 125000 BTU stainless star burner. The shape is hand rolled into a cone and its diameter is 34 inches with a height of 17 inches.

The model is available in several colors, namely Tangerine, Maraschino, Azure Avocado, Ultra-Lounge White, Charcoal and Aqualuxe, thus proving to be a fitting addition on every terrace. 

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