Sabtu, 25 April 2015

Great things come from the luxurious private plane Boeing 747-8

Have you ever think about the luxurious plane interior? This post today will bring some image of a luxurious private plane Boeing 747-8.
These luxury planes are bigger than many of the houses featured on this blog, with 4,786 square feet (444 square meters) of cabin space. The plan in this post was built by Boeing, then finished by Kirkland, Washington-based company Greenpoint Technologies. The final results are nothing to sneeze at with luxury lounges, private bedrooms, and even a full formal dining room. It's no wonder that the U.S. government has said it will buy 747-8s to be the next Air Force One.

It would be surprising enough for most of us to see a sofa in a plane. But an entire lounge with multiple sofas, a coffee table, and a wall mounted flatscreen? That’s a far cry from a little extra legroom.

Jumat, 24 April 2015

Inspiring from interior house of Nico and Werner van der Meulen design

House BER is a design of Nico and Werner van der Meulen to bring the outdoors inside while giving the homeowners ample privacy and the right security.
The great thing in this design is that they had perfectly combine style,  functionality and the specific demands. Since the architects could not use burglar bars for the fa├žade, a unique and inspiring metallic frame was designed that also doubles as an artistic addition. Combining stone, glass and metal in an extravagant and ingenious manner, the house stands tall as an inspiring work that blends art and architecture!

10 best places in Hong Kong for tourism

Traveling around the world seem to be the best activities of people. Traveling will help us deeply understand the culture and people in the world.
Hong Kong is famous city about fun and entertainment for the tourists visiting every year. From Disney land to various other attractions, Hong Kong has what it takes to keep the tourists coming. When visit Hong Kong, this post will help you so much. We list here 10 places that nobody should ever miss out before leaving Hong Kong.
1 Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island

Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island is a dynamic addition to the fabric of Wan Chai, one of Hong Kong’s most assorted and significant neighborhoods. The hotel’s fresh and elegant design is fascinating, innovative and deliberately reminiscent of its culturally rich urban environment. Each room captures the history of the neighborhood through its design and artwork. On the rooftop there is contemporary bar, Sky bar, and dramatic infinity glass bottomed pool which are altogether the key attraction.
 2. HSBC Building
HSBC Main Building is the first building of its size in Hong Kong built completely of basic steel with no fortified solid in its inward center. Outlined by prestigious British designer Lord Norman Foster, this hi tech assembling in Central is a wonder of cutting edge building design. Moreover, regular daylight is the fundamental wellspring of light inside the building, with a bank of mirrors guiding it into the chamber. Overall, a great building to get your footstep in even if you don’t have a bank account with HSBC.

 3. International Finance Centre
If the purpose for visiting Hong Kong has anything to do with business, then Finance Center building is the one that should get the first attention. Taking off 420 meters over the Central waterfront, this charging historic point is the tallest building on Hong Kong Island, assumed to be second tallest in the city and one of the tallest on the planet. Two ifc was finished in 2003 as a component of a complex that incorporates the upmarket ifc shopping center and the Four Seasons Hotel.

 4. The Hong Kong Museum of Art

 5. The Wong Tai Sin Temple’s

6. The Hong Kong Museum of History

7. Clock Tower

8. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

9. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
 10. The Man Mo Temple

Kamis, 23 April 2015

Charming snow house overlooking Whistler valley in Columbia, Canada

Hadaway House was designed by Patkau Architects. This house is located in a charming snow house overlooking Whistler valley in southwest British Columbia, Canada. The project developers explain how the unconventional shape of the retreat derives from the intersection of two main aspects: “The first is the allowable building footprint and height. The second is the need to shed snow from the roof into appropriate storage areas within the site. The sculptural volume that emerges from this intersection of extruded building footprint and folding snow-shed roof is occupied in a manner that maintains the inherent plastic properties of the building form.” Concrete, steel and heavy timber ensure resistance without compromising in aesthetics.

Rabu, 22 April 2015

New project offers welcoming spaces for informal gatherings and entertainment

Enhancing the overall design of your family home in order to encourage socializing is the ideas of this home design. St Kilda Californian-Style Bungalow in Melbourne, Australia had been created by Make Architecture.
Imagined more like a favorite cafe than a common private house, the new project offers welcoming spaces for informal gatherings and entertainment. A decorative timber screen with glass piercings adorns the extruded upper level roof form that also contains the main bedroom.

Materials were cleverly employed for their practical building purposes, as well as for interesting visual effects: “Concrete has been used to form a heavy base to the project and large board marked concrete elements lift up and emerge out of this base. The concrete has been formed up insinuate using recycled fence palings to give texture and grain. It is also used internally to create integrated seats, benches and durable surfaces for family life.” The decorative wooden screen is also an example of an ordinary material used in a highly creative manner. We love how the designers managed to develop cozy and intimate spaces the entire family can enjoy. What are the details you like best about this home?