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Making Your Bedroom Cosy This Winter

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and so you want it to be cosy and comfortable. I think this is especially important in winter. Here are a few tips to make your bedroom extra cosy this season.

Choose New Bedding

When you want a good night’s sleep, you need to be as comfortable as possible. In winter, you especially need to stay warm. In winter, you can save yourself a lot of money if you don’t need to have the heating on overnight, so getting new bedding is important. New bed sheets can make bedtime much more comfortable and cosy. Cotton is usually best to go for as it is soft and gentle on skin. It is less likely to be itchy, compared to a synthetic material.

Choose a Warmer Comforter

During this time of year, a thicker comforter can help to keep the heat in and keep you cosy. If you decide to go for a new comforter, you must decide what kind of filling you want. It comes down to down filled, or a down-alternative. Down has many advantages or being particularly lightweight, yet still insulating. The natural insulation from the feathers is an attractive option to many. Down can be the best option because it gives most warmth, without being heavy and making you feel a little smothered.

Down-alternative may be better for some as it is a little cheaper. It is also the better option for those of you with allergies. The drawbacks with a down-alternative comforter are that it needs more filling to get the same insulation. This can make it heavier and may make you feel a little more constrained or smothered.

If you have decided to go for the down option, there are a further two options within that. Do you go for a duck filled comforter or a goose filled comforter? Goose down is the better option as the feathers are longer. They are plucked from geese that are older. Duck down is often shorter and can come from younger ducks. It just means that the insulation is likely to be better with goose down.

Add Pillows & Cushions

If you don’t already have pillows and cushions, these are a must for a cosy room. From a practical point of view, if you use your bed to watch movies, there is nothing better than cosying up with lots of cushions. From a visual point of view, it will make the room, and bed, look so much cosier too.

Candles & Lighting

Candles are brilliant in winter. We get such dark evenings that they can not only be used as a source of light, but can add a cosy feel to the room. Scented candles are a good option as you can get a seasonal one. The scent of cinnamon or pine with get you feeling festive, as well as cosy.

If you don’t have much lighting, I would recommend investing in a lamp or two. A floor lamp can look stunning, as can some smaller, bedside lamps. You don’t want to always feel like you have the big, bright, main light on, particularly in winter.

What are your top tips for making a bedroom cosy this winter?

How To Create The Ultimate Healthy Home

Good health is essential to our wellbeing. We all know that we should be eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. And we all know that staying active is key for a healthy body and mind. But there are plenty of things you can do around the home to maintain good health too. It is possible to design your home to ensure you can not only maintain your health but improve it.

Clever design in the home makes healthy living a pleasure. It doesn’t matter what size home you have. You may even be about to build yourself a new home. We have put together a guide to help you design a home with your health interests in mind. From furniture choices to decor decisions, you can find helpful tips to get well and stay feeling great for the rest of your life. Here is our healthy living guide for your home:


Your choice of windows for your home is very important. You need to be able to allow plenty of fresh air into your home every day. Fresh air replaces stale and damp air to help you breathe better. It can also help to refresh your fabrics and carpets. Windows should be lockable for security. They should ideally be locked into open positions that allow you to enjoy fresh air without risk of anyone getting in.

Windows should also have safety features upstairs to prevent children falling out. Double glazed panels should keep unwanted acoustics out of your home. They should also keep the heat in so you don’t feel cold in the house. Cold homes can harm your health. Aim to keep your ambient temperature above 18 degrees celsius. The glass should also keep UV rays to a minimum, and offer a degree of privacy.

Natural light is essential to our health. It helps regulate our body clock. Natural light also helps us maintain a good mood and emotional well-being. A good view to the outside is also essential for our mental health. The better the view, the happier we should be. Plenty of natural light is desirable, but use Venetian blinds to deflect unwanted rays.


All doors in your home should prevent drafts or unwanted movement of air. They should keep you warm and prevent fire penetration. Doors to the outside should have extra locking mechanisms to ensure your safety and security. Many doors include feature windows to help natural light filter in. They also provide you with a view of the outside so you can see who is calling.

If you have any physical difficulties opening doors, choose door handles that are easier to manage. You may even benefit from installing electrical doors with an auto opening. This can be particularly handy if you use a wheelchair. Paned doors should have special, toughened, safety glass to prevent accidents if they break.

In The Garden

The exterior of your home is very important to your health. It provides a great space for being active. You might have a family trampoline or swimming pool to provide opportunities for sport led activities. Some people install a gazebo or decking area for T’ai Chi or Yoga. Zen gardens can be very helpful if you like to meditate. They are peaceful and relaxing. This can help reduce stress levels too, improving your physical and emotional health.

Gardens with colorful planting are also very good for your health. Color therapy has long been used to promote mental balance. Flowers help us feel more cheerful generally. Natural greens from grass lawns are also thought to promote good health. Gardening is a very healthy hobby to choose as well. It is quite active, and provides plenty to do all year round. A water feature can be very calming, as can windchimes.

You can use your garden for dining if you have a decking or patio area. Exposure to daylight and sunlight can be good for you if you take the right precautions. Best of all, your garden can provide you with plenty of fresh, healthy foods like fruit and vegetables. Straight from your garden to your table is about as healthy as you can get!


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Sleep is crucial to your health. Without a good night of sleep, your health can quickly degenerate. Your mind suffers most at first. Focus and concentration are hard if your sleep is lacking even for one night. Over time, your memory can also be affected. Sleeping files away the day’s memories. Without this essential process, you can soon feel very forgetful and confused.

Sleep also heals the body when we are injured or ill. It’s important to choose blinds and curtains that block out all the light. You need your bedroom to be very quiet, so your sleep is not disturbed. Try not to use any screens like TVs or smartphones in your bedroom. Keep colors peaceful in pastel blues and pinks. Try to avoid lots of busy patterns, and keep dresser surfaces clear of clutter.

Your bed is a very important piece of furniture. Problems like arthritis or bed sores can be relieved with hardside waterbed mattresses. The waterbed was developed to help relieve such conditions. It can also help aid restful sleep as a stress reliever. You should keep the bedroom temperature cool at about 18 or 19 degrees celsius to ensure you aren’t too warm as you sleep.


A jacuzzi bath is ideal for soothing aching muscles and joints. It is also a great way to unwind after a busy day. Some cultures use Sauna to relieve stress and maintain good health. These can be built into a large bathroom area, or even situated outside. Showers that have built-in music systems can be used to enhance your mood. Some lively music first things in the morning can help energize you for the day.

Bathrooms should have natural light and opening windows. This helps steam and moisture dry out quickly to avoid harmful mold spores. Bathrooms should be cleaned daily to reduce the risk of bacteria building up. Grouting and seals also need special attention on a regular basis. Sunlight can cause muck to build up quickly. Once you have finished in the bathroom, it may be best to use a blind to avoid direct rays.


Your kitchen should include a good sized refrigerator to store plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Kitchens are very dangerous places, but the risks can be reduced with clever design. Use soft close drawers to avoid fingers becoming trapped. Pots and pans should be kept in a mid-level drawer. This means that the heaviest items are not being pulled out from above your head or low near the ground.

Thorough cleaning every day will prevent food residue. Food crumbs cause bacteria and attract insects and rodents. If you struggle to vacuum regularly, invest in a robot vacuum. Some will mop the floor and use UV light to kill bacteria as they go. Make sure windows can be reached easily. They are often situated behind sinks which makes them difficult to reach if you are shorter.

Living Room

The living room is the desired space for relaxing and entertaining. If you sit here a lot each day, you can soon develop poor posture. Aches and pains also creep in if you are not sitting comfortably. Have a clock in a prominent position and aim to stand every thirty minutes or so. You might use the excuse of getting a drink or popping to the bathroom. Your seating should be supportive and at the right height for you to use.

Recliners are very helpful for those who suffer from leg problems. Raising the legs can help relax you, easing high blood pressure. However, stiffness in the knees and feet can occur if legs are raised for too long. Use coffee tables situated in close proximity of your seating. This prevents the risk of spills. Natural fires can be comforting but they may cause breathing problems for asthmatics. An outside fire can be a pleasant alternative. TVs should be on a stand ideally. This means they are at the right height for your eye line. When they are wall mounted, they can be too high, causing extra neck strain as you look up.


If you have stairs in your home, it is essential they are well lit at all times. It can be very easy to slip, especially if they are carpeted. It may be possible to install small LED lights on each step to light the way, much like deck lights. There should ideally be railings on each side of the stairs for extra security. Banisters and balustrades should be at a good height with limited gaps between. Small animals and children are at particular risk of falling through. Use light paint here to maximize the brightness of the area.

A healthy home can be created as a concept for the whole building. Or it may be developed over time, room by room. Everything from the structure to the decor can help improve your health at home. Have a happy, healthy house.

How to Choose the Best Stairlift for You

The time comes in every person’s life where they either have to deal with a temporary or a permanent disability. Sometimes these ailments are so bad that they render you unable to move on your own. Everyone hates to lose their independence, but luckily, now they do not have to. If you are in the market for stairlifts and are having trouble choosing the perfect one for you, then do not fret, there are many options to fit every one of your individual needs. Sometimes all it takes is just a little research and knowing where to begin your search.

Picking the perfect stairlift for you does not have to be a long involving task. Instead, with the proper knowledge before you delve right in, you can simplify your search and leave your mind at ease. When figuring out what stair lift is the perfect one for you, you have to take into consideration the layout of your home. Do you need to travel up multiple stories, is your staircase curved or straight, and what is the most convenient for your physical situation? The reason this matters is that they make stairlifts in a multitude of different configurations. If you have one long straight staircase, then a straight stairlift is allow that is necessary. On the other hand, if your staircase is circular or has a 90 degree turn at the landing, the best stair lift for you may be two straight ones, or a curved one. It is wise to compare stairlifts before deciding which to buy. Furthermore, the only downside to having two stairlifts is that they require more maintenance. Your other option are outdoor stairs lifts as well. Say you have a deck with a large set of stairs, then a weather resistant outdoor stairlift will be the perfect fit for your home.

The only two other options to consider after you choose your stairlift configuration is what will fit your physical state and what design will match your home the best. There are only two different options to change how you ride on your stairlift. They make seated stairlifts and also perch stairlifts. If your joint movements are limited, then you cannot go wrong with a stairlift that still retains all of the safety features, but just so happens to allow you to stand instead. The final question you need to answer to make your shopping experience a breeze is what color or design will fit your home best. This is totally subjective so this must be left to the future owner of their new stairlift. Hopefully, being informed of these options ahead of time will clear up any confusion you may have when you are shopping for a new stairlift. Mulling over these various options in advance will be sure to make your search for whatever stairlift fits you best an experience, rather than a battle. Be sure to take into consideration all of the different options available to you and enjoy making your life easier and more pain free.

5 ways of improving the exterior of your home

Within the UK are privy to a home improvement market worth a cool £14 billion (Financial Times 2014); and with more than one in three homeowners (35%) spending in excess of £2000 a year on their home improvements (Saga 2015) it’s then little wonder that we are a nation that has earned the saying of an English Man’s home being his castle. So here we take a look at five savvy tips for improving the exterior or your home in order to well and truly keep way ahead of the Jones next door.

1. Make your entrance the star of the home exterior show

Your front door likely serves as the central focus of your exterior, so why not treat it to a suitable makeover? As a starting point you should maintain the door properly (particularly if it’s wood, in which case you can make a real difference with a sand down and repaint every ten years. Beyond this however you should think about framing the entrance with suitable planting, such as climbing plants for the door that is porch free or hanging baskets for the home with a porch.

You may also want to replace your house number and invest in bright lighting to really showcase your work throughout those dark winter nights.

2. Invest in a solid set of Garage Doors

For the property that features a garage there may be few as influential a feature upon the look of their home than their Garage Doors. Neglect this feature and leave your door to rust, peel or fall apart and an otherwise well-kept home can look a decided mess. What’s more with garages often serving as a through way into the home garage doors should also be considered as a vital link within your home’s chain of security.

3. Tend to your garden or add a little colour

If your exterior features a lawn then keeping it cut and tidy is essential. You can also frame your lawn all year round with winter loving bedding plants such as pansies, Violas, Primrose, Polyanthus or Sweet Williams.

And for the frontage that is decidedly lawn free the addition of a few colourful pots and shrubs can work wonders whilst still achieving the ultimate low maintenance exterior.

Finally you may want to add a little interest to your home through climbing plants, just be sure to use a wooden trellis that is placed away from your brickwork, as plants such as ivy can cause havoc for rendering and pointing).

4. Don’t neglect your fascias

The fascias upon your home (the parts that form the protective shield under your roof) can very often make for seemingly inconspicuous items, yet with a quick clean up your entire exterior can look that little bit extra shiny. And if you don’t yet have fascias (and instead have wooden planks) replacing old for new can really lift the appearance of your home (in addition to making it all the more water proof and easily maintainable).

5. Keep your windows sparkling clean (as well as the nets, curtains or blinds that lay beyond them)

Windows can sometimes go for years without seeing so much as a squeegee, and yet window cleaning services are often so reasonably priced (and can make for a real difference for the exterior appearance of your home). So add some sparkle and don’t forget to take down your nets, curtains or blinds for a thorough clean at least every 6 months. You may also want to consider replacing any window dressing with something that is colourful both back and front and add centre ornaments to create a little interest from an outside view of your home.

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Getting Temperature Stable In Your Home

Heat pumps are becoming hot property in the United States, as more American households realize how efficient and effective these heating and cooling systems are. Do you want to live in a comfortable home? As winter approaches, we’re sure that’s on your mind. Heat pumps can make it happen. They heat and cool consistently, so your house stays at a steady temperature with no unpleasant hot or cold patches.

Do you want to heat and cool your home without causing undue harm to the planet? If you’re like many Americans, you’re probably looking for more sustainable and energy-efficient ways to live your life. Heat pumps are much more environmentally friendly than many other commercial heating and cooling options, so they’ve been embraced by homeowners seeking more balanced temperature control solutions. It takes very little energy to move heat from one place to another, as heat pumps do. These units also don’t burn fuel like many other home-based heating units, so they won’t release noxious gas into the atmosphere.

Do you want to save money on your utility bills? Of course you do! As the price of power soars, heat pumps yield year after year energy savings that can quickly offset their upfront costs. Since they use less energy than other heating and cooling systems, you’ll quickly notice the savings on your power bills. Most Americans don’t know a lot about heat pumps, but the infographic below, published by Griffith Energy Services, should answer any questions you have. It explains clearly how heat pumps work, why Americans just like you love them, and how much money and energy they can save.

Turn Up the Heat, Pump Up the Savings Infographic

A Simple Guide to Hiring a Handy Man

There are only so many DIY projects that we can do around the house, and sometimes we need to learn that we may need a professional to fix something that’s broken or to build something that is a bit out of our expertise level. So do you want to call your local handy man services but you have no idea how to find the right one for you? Well, this simple guide will help you through the process of finding the perfect fit for your job.

1. Write Down Everything That You Want Done

Before you go out looking for a handyman you need to know what work you want done around the house. Go around and make a list of all the things that you either want built or fixed and this will help the process enormously. Once you know what it is that you need done around the house then you can decide on the skills and expertise that your handyman need to have in order to do the jobs at an adequate level. Unfortunately sometimes a handyman simply can’t do all the work that you need around the house and in this case it is best to get hold of a licensed professional such as a plumber or electrician for particularly skilled jobs.

2. Getting a List of the Best Prospects

Chances are that someone in your immediate circle will have the name of a handyman that they have used- this could be friends, family, co-workers or sports partners. Make a list of all the names given to you and create a list of the best four or five prospects available. You could also try get names from local real estate agents or home improvement stores close by. This list is basically the beginning of the screening process.

3. Online Presence

Before actually meeting the handyman you should do an online search for them and gather whatever it is you need to know. Previous customers will leave reviews and comments on them and this is a great opportunity to weed out any of the sub-par people from your list.

4. Skills and Expertise

One of the most important aspects of hiring a handy man is ensuring that they are fit to do the jobs that you require around the house. Make sure you check what the strength of each handyman is, as there is no point in hiring someone if they specialize in the complete opposite of the work that you need done.

5. Personality

It is essential that you hire a handyman that you get along with well. This person in going to be in your space and in your house for quite a long period of time, and therefore it’s important that you click. You also need to go with your gut instincts on whether you can trust them or not, as sometimes you will be leaving them at your home unattended and there is no point in hiring someone if you have to worry about your home every time you leave.

Design Style Tips For Your New Build Home

Are you moving into a newly built home soon? You may be wondering how you can transform an empty shell building into a beautiful contemporary home. It’s the kind of project many of us would like to get our hands on. But when you’re going to be living there, it can suddenly become quite a daunting task load.

To draw some inspiration for the decor of your new home, visit the show home of your builder. You can always check out the website of companies like Linden Homes to gain insight into the latest trends. Buying a newly built home certainly gives you options. But it would be best to stick with contemporary designs to match the age of the building.

Some builders offer you the options for some of the designs inside. They may be limited, but they can often help you get started with building up your own style. Bathroom tiles, flooring and wall colour, can often be chosen and installed before you move in. This is a huge help when you have an entire house to decorate. Have a look at the options. If you think they may complement your design ideas, then take advantage of them.

When you’re buying a brand new house, it is a nice idea to buy brand new furniture for it too. Having everything fresh and crisp and clean makes for a great start to your new life. New homes feature large open plan areas. This lends itself to furniture that is versatile in placement. But it may also require that you carefully match your colour palette across the entire range of furniture you choose.

Buying furniture from a single store isn’t essential, but it can help you match ideas when they’re all together. Alternatively, why not try stark contrasts to make each piece pop? Statement pieces and designs can make your home immediately stylish and chic with a modern look. Blacks and whites or another bold color like reds or blues can be energetic and dynamic in a brand new home.

If you have built your own home, then it is much easier to plan how you will design your interior. Buying a newly built home from a builder’s plan can actually offer you more choice. Most new homes are designed to be improved, extended or converted. Over time, you may want to alter your living areas to suit better your lifestyle as it changes. Simple things like loft conversions can be easier to do in standard design than in a home purpose built for your life right now.

One key area that can lead to disappointment without your direct intervention is the bathroom. While there may be choices in tiles and paint finish, many homes have a panel bath installed. If you want something more contemporary and stylish, you may need to speak to the company selling the home. It may be possible to negotiate a price for something else to be put in its place. It would be a shame to rip out a brand new bathroom to get what you want. Make your new build house into your dream home.

Alternatives To Gas Furnaces And Central Air Conditioners


Over half your home energy use goes to temperature control. It's your HVAC system's most important job, so it's equally important to find the right system.

When choosing a new heating and cooling system for your home, there are a few things to decide. What kind of system will you get? What models will you choose? What about energy efficiency? The most popular systems are gas furnaces and central air conditioners. With these two types of HVAC appliances, there are two measurements that are the most vital.

The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is a measurement of a furnace's ability to produce heat in comparison to the amount of energy it uses. The national minimum is 78 (out of 100), with the higher the number equaling higher efficiency. This will have a direct effect your gas bill.

The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of a central air conditioner. The federal minimum rating is 13 and the maximum is 23, with certain parts of the country having higher minimums. The higher the rating, the less money you'll pay in electricity to run your air conditioner. There are alternatives to gas furnaces and central air conditioners. The infographic below, from Davis Air Conditioning & Heating, is full of useful information about the features and benefits available with a variety of new high-efficiency systems, so you can make the best choice for your home and family.

How to Know When to Call an Expert in For Home Repairs

With homeownership comes great responsibilities. This includes home repairs. A lot of they time they will be something minor, and if you’ve got the time, you’ll repair it yourself. A bit of DIY can be quite fun, and it will save some cash. There are times though when there is no other option but calling for an expert.

It can just be because they have the knowledge and would be able to to the repair faster. It can be because they will have the right equipment and you don’t. Whatever the reason is, there are certain things that you should call an expert for.

Roof Repairs

The average person knows little about roof repairs. Would you know where to start? The biggest reason to call someone like ELC Roofing in is for safety. They have the long ladders that would be needed for a roof repair. A professional could erect scaffolding if needed and they have the correct protective clothing. If you attempted to repair your roof alone, you could get seriously injured. Falls are a big risk in roof repairs, and the damage you could do is scary to think about. Save yourself the long term hassle, and hire a roof repair expert.

Repairing the Electrics

This is something that in my opinion, should always be carried out by an expert. The electrics in a home can be dangerous, particularly if like most people, you don't have an extensive knowledge about it.

I’m sure we all know how to replace a lightbulb. Quite a few of us might know our earth wires from our live wires in a plug. Repairing a broken circuit or a damaged plug, is a different thing. Not every electricity related issue is solved by just flicking a switch! Call an electrician for an issue with your electricity. It will be so much safer as they will have the specialised experience and equipment needed.

Plumbing & Dishwasher Repairs

This is something that would have costly effects if it was to go wrong. Imagine if you tried to pull out your dishwasher, to attempt repairing the pump but made things worse. You might tug on a pipe a bit too hard and damage it. This could lead to leaks and flooding all over your kitchen! This is much less likely to happen to a professional. If on the off chance that it did, though, they would, at least, have the right equipment and spare pipes with them to repair it. A plumber would be able to do a job much faster than us too.

Quite a lot of us will enjoy DIY and small home repairs and some things you can easily fix yourself. Projects like this can be enjoyable, and you feel like you’ve achieved something. Knowing when to call an expert is crucial, though. You’d don’t want to attempt a job yourself to save some money, and then, in the long run, be worse off. Be safe and call an expert! Good luck with your home repairs.

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Four Renovations to Consider When Selling Your Home

Splashing out on home improvements is one sure way to add value and attractiveness to your home if you are trying to sell. Maybe your kitchen or bathroom is looking a little tired, or you’d like to add more space to your property to make it more attractive to buyers with large families. Home renovations not only make your home a more enjoyable place to live for you and other families, they also increase the market value of your home and put you in a better position to compete with other similar homes for sale in the area. If you’re considering selling your home and want to make some improvements to it, here are the top ones to consider.

A Conservatory

Having a conservatory added to the back of your home is one of the home renovation projects that can bring with it the highest rate of return. Buyers tend to be more attracted to homes with conservatories, as it provides them with an extra room for living in and for storage, however the appeal with a conservatory is that it makes an excellent area of the home during the summer.

Garden Renovations

It is easy to forget about your garden and the exterior areas of your home whilst you are focusing so hard on making sure that the interior is perfect to buyers. However, what’s important to remember is that your garden is the first thing that buyers will see when they pull up at the front of your home to view it. No matter how amazing your home may be on the inside, if your garden is overgrown and unkempt it can make a bad first impression on potential buyers and even put them off making an offer.

Extra Room Extension

If you think that your property could benefit from a bit more room, adding an extension or converting a garage can be an excellent way to do this, as well as adding value to your home. Adding an extension could mean that your home has an extra bedroom, or you could use the room as another living room, dining room, storage room or study. When it comes to adding extensions to your home, size restrictions do apply – however a reputable building company such as Georgian Home Renovations will be able to ensure that all of the different restrictions are met.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and your kitchen may well be the first room that a potential buyer wants to look at when they are viewing the property. Many buyers replace the kitchen first, in order to put their own personal stamp on a property. However, if you are able to provide them with a new, modern and attractive space right from the very start, many buyers will be willing to pay more for the home as they will save money on kitchen renovations and remodelling. Which renovations do you think are the best for adding value to your home? Let us know in the comments.

Three Home Features to Improve if You Want to Sell

If you’re up to date with our posts, you’ll know that recently we posted an article on five ways to improve the exterior of your home, but what about the interior? Below are the top three features within a home that are crucial to swinging the buyer perspective in your favour.

The Walls

If your walls are dreary and drab, it can put negative thoughts in a buyer’s mind. Similarly, if your walls are too bright and overpowering, it can make a room look smaller and it’s more difficult for them to visualise living there.

Give your walls a spruce up and focus on maintaining that subtle balance; neutral tones such a soft greys or warm, light caramel colours, are far more inviting and will be suited to most furniture. It will make the room seem larger and improve that crucial first impression.

The Space

Your role is to help the buyer visualise living there, and this is made much harder when all you can see is clutter, whether it’s the porcelain figures of kittens lining the fireplace, or posters of rock bands above a bed.

If they walk in and just see simple furniture with a minimum of fuss, it will help to improve your chances of scoring a 10 rather than a 2.

The Garden

The garden is a huge feature to tackle and can seem daunting, but it can be the key to selling certain houses, so you should try to put a few of these points into action if you can:

  • Power-wash your paving stones and de-weed them to freshen up the space
  • Add a pebble boarder and some fresh gravel to a well-worn path
  • Sand-down and paint your shed in a pale blue or green to create an on-trend beach-hut look
  • Instead of just a table and chairs, add an outdoor heater and some modern lighting to highlight the entertainment possibilities of the space

Now that you’ve updated your home, you’re ready to sell, but how will you go about it? These days, there are much more modern ways of selling your home than ever before, so you don’t have to waste huge amounts on agency fees. By going with the House Network, you’ll know that for one online fee, your property will be posted to some of the best housing websites, and with your own personal negotiator, it takes the hassle out of selling houses.

Effectiveness of fitting outdoor gazebo

It is not a usual thought to really consider entertaining outdoors, but with the availability of gazebos one can prefer to try it out once. Be it chilly temperature, heavy rainfall or snowfall or even the soothing spring season, this outdoor construction is just the best option that can be considered while deciding to entertain and relax outdoors. The variety of styles, structures and trends can be availed of by the consumers during any time of the year, to better decide on the one that will perfectly fit the backyard space.

Choosing the right spot

The determination of the right spot for the installation plays a major role on how much you enjoy and relax outdoors. You should keep certain considerations in mind in order to choose the perfect spot for your construction. The first thing that you should consider is that the purpose and use of making such installation. Whether you want to install it for outdoor relaxation, outdoor dining or as outdoor kitchen shades should be kept in mind. Secondly, you should also need to decide what you want to be looking out at from your outdoor installation. You might want to face the water feature or pond if you have one in your premise or might decide to have a quiet corner garden view. While the most popular view chosen is that of their own house. Last but not the least; you should always consider the ideal view that you want to have from your gazebo. All these considerations will narrow down your search and will enable you to select the most appropriate type to suit your backyard view. The internet is a pretty good buying guide for hardtop gazebos. It suggests you a number of options that you can choose from in order to suit your own house as well as your surroundings.

How to choose your design to suit the style of your house

Apart from the traditional 10 x 10 square size, retailers offer larger and more spacious versions constructed for the sole purpose of outside entertainment and relaxation. Different sizes and shapes are available for different weather conditions and different seasons. There should be availability of sufficient space outdoors to accommodate the larger frames. These bigger and roomier frames are generally suited in humid and sultry weather conditions. A variety of shapes are also available like the cylindrical shape, square shape, rectangular shape, L-shape and the commonly used six sided or eight sided structure. The designs do not appear to be too much ornamental, but are quite simple, like lattice, floral or leaf design. The color of the canopy has been modified from the traditional beige color to darker ones, though the beige canopy tops are still available. The choice of your design and style of the frame should match the design of your house. In these cases it is always a wise decision to consult an expert, such as an interior decorator, who can serve as a pretty good buying guide for hardtop gazebos as well as the soft top ones.

Find the Best Interior Doors

You should not be in a rush when you are buying a new door for your home. This is something that is going to be a part of your home for many years to come. You will use it every day. It will most likely still be there when you decide to sell your home. This is why selecting the right door is so vitally important. It will be well worth it in the long run if you are patient and take the time needed to select a quality door. Here are a few things to look for when buying a door.

1. Can it do what you want it to?

You need to be certain that a door is capable of standing up to the punishment you are going to be subjecting it to on a regular basis. Otherwise, you will find yourself buying a new door in a very short period of time. It would be wise to ask the manufacturer of the door if it will be able to withstand the wear and tear that you need it to. This will save you the cost and inconvenience of having to buy and install a new door sometime in the future.

2. Who makes the door?

The manufacturer of the door is something that is very important. There are certain companies that have been making doors for many decades. They have developed a stellar reputation of producing quality products over the year. These are the companies you should be looking at when you are shopping for doors. You will need to talk to someone at the door store to find out which door manufacturers are generally considered to be the best. ETO Doors is a great place to find doors made by all of the top manufacturers. You can look at their inventory of interior doors located at http://www.etodoors.com/.

3. What sort of a warranty does it come with?

Buying with confidence is something that is essential when you are shopping for a door. You need to be sure that the door you buy is not going to have any problems soon after you install it. This is why you should only buy doors that are covered by a warranty from the manufacturer or the store that sold it. This will ensure that you will not be paying for any repairs to the door that need to be made.

Perks of Seattle Lofts in Queen Anne

Choosing Seattle lofts in the neighborhood of Queen Anne may be right up your alley. Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood is conveniently located near several of Seattle’s most popular attractions and has plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy. Queen Anne offers small town charm right in the middle of a big city. This “urban village” as it has affectionately been revered, offers about ten blocks of unique and interesting places to shop, as well. The sidewalks of Queen Anne are typically bustling day and night with residents and visitors alike.

If you’re still unsure about buying Seattle lofts in Queen Anne, consider this: year after year, Seattle Met Magazine ranks Queen Anne as one of the top ten neighborhoods to live in. The community is home to several of the oldest and most beautiful homes and other architectures. Neighborhoods so close to Seattle’s downtown, like Queen Anne, continue to experience steady growth, as young professionals opt to reside outside of the city but within a reasonably close distance. Another draw is the easy access to other neighborhoods nearby and to downtown, by means of public transportation or walking.
Discover the possibilities that Seattle lofts in Queen Anne have to offer for you. Contact the Stroupe Group to find listings and more details about the neighborhood today!

Handy Pointers For Attic Renovation

These days, attic renovations are becoming more and more popular. And why wouldn’t they be? So many people end up wondering about all the wasted space, or need another room when they realise they have a kid on the way. Whatever the reason you want to have your attic renovated, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it, as with everything. Understandably, you may be exuberant about the idea of your renovation. Yes, it will be lovely to have all that extra space to use, but you’re not going to get there without some pretty hard work. Here, I’ve thought of some helpful tips for undertaking this kind of work.

Don’t jump straight into looking at wallpaper styles or lavish rugs. First you need to make sure your attic is in the right condition to be renovated. You probably remember my recent post on stinky house syndrome. If you did all the treatment suggested there, and you’ve gotten used to the lovely, fresh smell of your home, you could be in for a nasty shock! Many people who decide to touch up their attic haven’t even been up there in years. It’s fairly common for a lot of horrible black mold to build up on the walls of the attic. Hopefully, this can be treated with your own means, but if the damage is severe enough you may need some professional mold remediation. This will ensure that the mold disappears and that the attic has less of a chance of being damaged in future.

Next, on to the aesthetic side of things. Make sure you use every single bit of available space when moving things into the room. For the most part, attics aren’t especially big, but some wise decisions in storage can really make a difference. There are many simple decoration tips you can use to stop the room feeling too enclosed, as well. Painting the ceiling in a simple pattern will draw people’s eyes, and make the whole attic feel a lot taller. Pulling furniture out so that it leaves a slight gap between it and the wall also creates a feeling of spaciousness. As with clothes, a large, striped rug can make a room seem much longer or wider. Ceiling fans can make a subtle accessory and will keep you refreshed in the summer. You’ll also want to use thick floor joists in the renovation in order to soundproof the attic. This will ensure you don’t keep people up all night simply by walking from one end to the other!

Hopefully these pointers have made your renovation seem like less of a mountain to climb! The end result may not quite measure up to the fantasies you’re having. Still, getting a decent attic renovation is rarely as difficult as people expect. Approach every job in a collected, methodical way, try to steer out of arguments with your partner, and everything will run smoothly. All great things take time, and I’m sure you’ll love finally being able to relax in your new room!

How to Transform your Garden into a Stunning Place to Spend Time

Unfortunately, many gardens are neglected and are not the best places to spend time. They may be overgrown, poorly drained or not suitable for spending time in for other reasons. This is a waste of a valuable part of a home which could be put to better use. Those who develop their gardens and keep them maintained are able to entertain friends and family outside. This is something many homeowners wish they could do, especially during the warmer months of the year. These are some simple, but effective ways you can transform your garden into a stunning place to spend time alone, with family and with your friends.

Improve Underfoot Conditions

Some gardens are not appealing to walk on especially if you have to walk on grass or clay when it’s wet or there’s dew on the ground. However, adding garden paving to your garden or similar features will improve the underfoot conditions and make this area of your home more accessible more of the time. It’s a cleaner solution than simply having grass or clay underneath your feet and gives you the foundation to add other features to your garden such as outdoor furniture.

Add Lighting

A garden can be a magical place to entertain family and friends, especially during the warmer times of the year. However, many people are restricted to spending less time in their gardens because they don’t install the proper lighting. However, adding the proper types of light can change an ordinary garden into a spectacular place, friends and family will enjoy spending time in. The most effective types of outdoor lighting for a garden include outdoor wall lights, post lights, deck lights, outdoor recess lights, ground lights and LED flood lights. Adding some coloured lights adds to the effectiveness of your garden lighting even more.

Use the Power of Water

Water is another feature in a garden that adds magic to this part of a home. You don’t need to have a huge garden to add some kind of water feature outside your home. If you do have the space, you have more options, but it’s not always necessary. The most popular water features homeowners can add to their gardens include cascading water features, ponds, hand pumps, bird baths and fountains. Even more accessories are available to complement and enhance these water features, helping to bring your garden to life.

Keeping Warm in the Garden

Most entertaining that takes place in a garden normally occurs in the evening time or at night. Cold weather conditions often prevent this but there are ways to solve this problem. Once people feel comfortable they are more inclined to stay outdoors. The most effective way to do this is to invest in heating products that make it comfortable to spend time in a garden. Adding fire pits, fire places or patio heaters ensures that those in your garden won’t be complaining about the cold and will enjoy themselves more.

Thousands of gardens around the country are not used to their full potential. This is a mistake but making simple changes like those above can transform your garden into a stunning place to spend your time and entertain others.