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5 ways of improving the exterior of your home

Within the UK are privy to a home improvement market worth a cool £14 billion (Financial Times 2014); and with more than one in three homeowners (35%) spending in excess of £2000 a year on their home improvements (Saga 2015) it’s then little wonder that we are a nation that has earned the saying of an English Man’s home being his castle. So here we take a look at five savvy tips for improving the exterior or your home in order to well and truly keep way ahead of the Jones next door.

1. Make your entrance the star of the home exterior show

Your front door likely serves as the central focus of your exterior, so why not treat it to a suitable makeover? As a starting point you should maintain the door properly (particularly if it’s wood, in which case you can make a real difference with a sand down and repaint every ten years. Beyond this however you should think about framing the entrance with suitable planting, such as climbing plants for the door that is porch free or hanging baskets for the home with a porch.

You may also want to replace your house number and invest in bright lighting to really showcase your work throughout those dark winter nights.

2. Invest in a solid set of Garage Doors

For the property that features a garage there may be few as influential a feature upon the look of their home than their Garage Doors. Neglect this feature and leave your door to rust, peel or fall apart and an otherwise well-kept home can look a decided mess. What’s more with garages often serving as a through way into the home garage doors should also be considered as a vital link within your home’s chain of security.

3. Tend to your garden or add a little colour

If your exterior features a lawn then keeping it cut and tidy is essential. You can also frame your lawn all year round with winter loving bedding plants such as pansies, Violas, Primrose, Polyanthus or Sweet Williams.

And for the frontage that is decidedly lawn free the addition of a few colourful pots and shrubs can work wonders whilst still achieving the ultimate low maintenance exterior.

Finally you may want to add a little interest to your home through climbing plants, just be sure to use a wooden trellis that is placed away from your brickwork, as plants such as ivy can cause havoc for rendering and pointing).

4. Don’t neglect your fascias

The fascias upon your home (the parts that form the protective shield under your roof) can very often make for seemingly inconspicuous items, yet with a quick clean up your entire exterior can look that little bit extra shiny. And if you don’t yet have fascias (and instead have wooden planks) replacing old for new can really lift the appearance of your home (in addition to making it all the more water proof and easily maintainable).

5. Keep your windows sparkling clean (as well as the nets, curtains or blinds that lay beyond them)

Windows can sometimes go for years without seeing so much as a squeegee, and yet window cleaning services are often so reasonably priced (and can make for a real difference for the exterior appearance of your home). So add some sparkle and don’t forget to take down your nets, curtains or blinds for a thorough clean at least every 6 months. You may also want to consider replacing any window dressing with something that is colourful both back and front and add centre ornaments to create a little interest from an outside view of your home.

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