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Design Style Tips For Your New Build Home

Are you moving into a newly built home soon? You may be wondering how you can transform an empty shell building into a beautiful contemporary home. It’s the kind of project many of us would like to get our hands on. But when you’re going to be living there, it can suddenly become quite a daunting task load.

To draw some inspiration for the decor of your new home, visit the show home of your builder. You can always check out the website of companies like Linden Homes to gain insight into the latest trends. Buying a newly built home certainly gives you options. But it would be best to stick with contemporary designs to match the age of the building.

Some builders offer you the options for some of the designs inside. They may be limited, but they can often help you get started with building up your own style. Bathroom tiles, flooring and wall colour, can often be chosen and installed before you move in. This is a huge help when you have an entire house to decorate. Have a look at the options. If you think they may complement your design ideas, then take advantage of them.

When you’re buying a brand new house, it is a nice idea to buy brand new furniture for it too. Having everything fresh and crisp and clean makes for a great start to your new life. New homes feature large open plan areas. This lends itself to furniture that is versatile in placement. But it may also require that you carefully match your colour palette across the entire range of furniture you choose.

Buying furniture from a single store isn’t essential, but it can help you match ideas when they’re all together. Alternatively, why not try stark contrasts to make each piece pop? Statement pieces and designs can make your home immediately stylish and chic with a modern look. Blacks and whites or another bold color like reds or blues can be energetic and dynamic in a brand new home.

If you have built your own home, then it is much easier to plan how you will design your interior. Buying a newly built home from a builder’s plan can actually offer you more choice. Most new homes are designed to be improved, extended or converted. Over time, you may want to alter your living areas to suit better your lifestyle as it changes. Simple things like loft conversions can be easier to do in standard design than in a home purpose built for your life right now.

One key area that can lead to disappointment without your direct intervention is the bathroom. While there may be choices in tiles and paint finish, many homes have a panel bath installed. If you want something more contemporary and stylish, you may need to speak to the company selling the home. It may be possible to negotiate a price for something else to be put in its place. It would be a shame to rip out a brand new bathroom to get what you want. Make your new build house into your dream home.

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