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A Simple Guide to Hiring a Handy Man

There are only so many DIY projects that we can do around the house, and sometimes we need to learn that we may need a professional to fix something that’s broken or to build something that is a bit out of our expertise level. So do you want to call your local handy man services but you have no idea how to find the right one for you? Well, this simple guide will help you through the process of finding the perfect fit for your job.

1. Write Down Everything That You Want Done

Before you go out looking for a handyman you need to know what work you want done around the house. Go around and make a list of all the things that you either want built or fixed and this will help the process enormously. Once you know what it is that you need done around the house then you can decide on the skills and expertise that your handyman need to have in order to do the jobs at an adequate level. Unfortunately sometimes a handyman simply can’t do all the work that you need around the house and in this case it is best to get hold of a licensed professional such as a plumber or electrician for particularly skilled jobs.

2. Getting a List of the Best Prospects

Chances are that someone in your immediate circle will have the name of a handyman that they have used- this could be friends, family, co-workers or sports partners. Make a list of all the names given to you and create a list of the best four or five prospects available. You could also try get names from local real estate agents or home improvement stores close by. This list is basically the beginning of the screening process.

3. Online Presence

Before actually meeting the handyman you should do an online search for them and gather whatever it is you need to know. Previous customers will leave reviews and comments on them and this is a great opportunity to weed out any of the sub-par people from your list.

4. Skills and Expertise

One of the most important aspects of hiring a handy man is ensuring that they are fit to do the jobs that you require around the house. Make sure you check what the strength of each handyman is, as there is no point in hiring someone if they specialize in the complete opposite of the work that you need done.

5. Personality

It is essential that you hire a handyman that you get along with well. This person in going to be in your space and in your house for quite a long period of time, and therefore it’s important that you click. You also need to go with your gut instincts on whether you can trust them or not, as sometimes you will be leaving them at your home unattended and there is no point in hiring someone if you have to worry about your home every time you leave.

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