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Three Home Features to Improve if You Want to Sell

If you’re up to date with our posts, you’ll know that recently we posted an article on five ways to improve the exterior of your home, but what about the interior? Below are the top three features within a home that are crucial to swinging the buyer perspective in your favour.

The Walls

If your walls are dreary and drab, it can put negative thoughts in a buyer’s mind. Similarly, if your walls are too bright and overpowering, it can make a room look smaller and it’s more difficult for them to visualise living there.

Give your walls a spruce up and focus on maintaining that subtle balance; neutral tones such a soft greys or warm, light caramel colours, are far more inviting and will be suited to most furniture. It will make the room seem larger and improve that crucial first impression.

The Space

Your role is to help the buyer visualise living there, and this is made much harder when all you can see is clutter, whether it’s the porcelain figures of kittens lining the fireplace, or posters of rock bands above a bed.

If they walk in and just see simple furniture with a minimum of fuss, it will help to improve your chances of scoring a 10 rather than a 2.

The Garden

The garden is a huge feature to tackle and can seem daunting, but it can be the key to selling certain houses, so you should try to put a few of these points into action if you can:

  • Power-wash your paving stones and de-weed them to freshen up the space
  • Add a pebble boarder and some fresh gravel to a well-worn path
  • Sand-down and paint your shed in a pale blue or green to create an on-trend beach-hut look
  • Instead of just a table and chairs, add an outdoor heater and some modern lighting to highlight the entertainment possibilities of the space

Now that you’ve updated your home, you’re ready to sell, but how will you go about it? These days, there are much more modern ways of selling your home than ever before, so you don’t have to waste huge amounts on agency fees. By going with the House Network, you’ll know that for one online fee, your property will be posted to some of the best housing websites, and with your own personal negotiator, it takes the hassle out of selling houses.

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