Rabu, 08 April 2015

Aesthetic and functional contemporary kitchens for modern, open plan living spaces

Kitchen designs is always our passion to help our readers find out the fit design for their home.
Kora Kitchens from Cesar bring plenty of compositional freedom along with them.Composed of identical modules that can be easily repeated to create a smart kitchen that fits your exact needs, these versatile designs grow and adapt along with your evolving lifestyle. Add to this their ability to seem like a natural extension of a curated living area and you have a perfect kitchen indeed!
Encouraging homeowners to come up with their own kitchen compositions that will adapt to the floor plan of their dream home, each component of Kora can be brought together in varied ways to complete a visually appealing yet understated setting. It is a bit like putting a puzzle together, but far more fun and far less taxing! With laminate, oak and other exquisite finishes, each kitchen surface adds to the textural beauty and contrast of your home, while you can turn to a wide array of bright colors to infuse liveliness and eye-catching beauty.

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