Selasa, 09 Juni 2015

Inspiring from sport store design in Kuala Lumper

Located in Kuala Lumper is the FHL Sport store which is specializing in biking equipment such as sport shoes, triathlon bicycles and all the additional paraphernalia required.
The store was designed by a Japanese architectural and they had succeeded when transformed the space of a loft styled in the typical New York fashion into a minimalist and contemporary sports store.
The designers used a vector brick pattern on the walls, cabinet design and nylon netting and rather than using handrails they opted for meshes.

With a diversity of colors that give the interior its own dynamic and with an ambiance that is reminiscent of the New York City Bronx area, the core of the store is a mezzanine floor that has a five meter ceiling adding ample space for the merchandise on the horizontal as well as vertically.

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