Rabu, 10 Juni 2015

House design of z- Level in the olive groves on the Greek Island

The Notre Ntam' Home is a design of Z- Level located between the olive groves on the Greek island of Kos. This design with aim to create a connection with the local surroundings.
The home design is inspired from early industrial buildings that were present on the site before. According to the architects, the residence “appears to rise from the ground in which it is rooted on the side of the olive grove and to levitate on the side of the sea. As you approach the building and walk through it, its spaces unfold like a movie, and the sea appears gradually, framed initially by openings of the stone elevation; then through shady arcades and deep verandas; and, finally, the view opens up on the platform above the cliff.

The house project was especially developed for two families, they are two brothers, therefore it accommodates two seemingly twin dwellings. Integrating them in the topography of the landscape was a major challenge: “The houses are on the ground level and shaped as elongated rectangles, designed on the bioclimatic principles of using openings on either side, ventilation and shading. The multi-level inclined roof creates a single room space at its highest point, with an open balcony that faces the interior of the residence. This final level has glass sides with opening segments which help remove the warm air by drawing it away.”Have a look at the photos below and tell us your thoughts!

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