Selasa, 02 Juni 2015

Inspiring from the green color in designing home color

Many people believe that green is a natural fit for spring. As a part of our spring color series, we are providing a range of powerful hues and today we will head into verdant territory with a slew of green shades for your interior. As you check out the shades of green below, take time to note the array of hues available to you as you refresh your interior, but also pay attention to the accent colors that pop against a green backdrop. It’s also fun to consider the possibilities that come with mixing pure green with colors such as yellow and blue. That’s right–there’s a shade of green for every preference! Would you expect anything less from a color that evokes nature, growth and fresh starts

We begin with shades of green that have varying degrees of yellow mixed in. The light olive green living room below is heightened by a coffee table accent we couldn’t help but love–a plant in a yellow-green pot! The effect is a green-on-green feast for the eyes, especially when juxtaposed with sleek white furniture and a pair of mirrored coffee tables. Interested in the wall color?

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