Kamis, 14 Mei 2015

Black and white in interior apartment design from A- Cero

This duplex rehabilitation project in Galicia, Spain was designed by the Spanish architects from A-Cero. It is a stunning and futuristic looking.
  The wide entrance hall distributes, on the one hand, the public area, composed by a big dining room, a guests bedroom with a modern en suite bathroom, a courtesy toilet and the kitchen is located at this floor as well.
The kitchen is so spacious with an elongated disposition and white colour, more than that kitchen is so notify with a Hi-Macs black desk that stands out. A sculptural staircase leads guests to the private area of the apartment where the main bedroom is located, with its own bathroom and dressing room and two other bedrooms.

The living room, as in the rest of the house, the white color also seems to open up the space and makes the apartment feel “airy” and spacious. Only a couple of elements break this white monochromia such as the lacquered black wood console by “A-Cero in” or the Ace model couches that have been upholstered in velvet champagne tone.
With this interesting design approach the apartment seems to have a futuristic look, almost close to a sci-fi crib that will be surely enjoyed by people who love daring designs.

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