Senin, 04 Mei 2015

A modern apartment completed by NC Design & Archirtecture in Hong Kong, China

Spread out 2700 square feet (250 square meters) and features curvilinear walls and simulated highlights, Apartment on Stubbs Road is a modern project completed by NC Design & Archirtecture in Hong Kong, China.
By employing a subtle color palette in grey and white, the designers created a neutral backdrop for the colorful Scandinavian furniture elements. Soft and homogenous illumination coming from the three improvised artificial skylights outlines the original geometry of the apartment.

From the architects, “the residence is structured around a continuous communal area of the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. The gentle, undulating grey wood wall unifies these spaces, drawing occupants from the narrow interior kitchen area towards the wide living room with its grand vista of the Happy Valley Race course below. The curvilinear wall is offset by two long narrow corridors; one armature holds the kitchen and service areas while the other leads to the bedrooms and communal bathroom.” An entertainment center and a portal to the bedroom of the resident can be revealed by sliding open the two large grey wall panels in the living area.

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