Senin, 04 Mei 2015

An impressive house in Brazil designed by Kali Arquitetura

Pool House is a modern house famous by not only the speed of construction time (30 days) but also the beauty of its slender lines and welcoming outdoor relaxation spaces.
To construct in a short period of time, a a metallic structure was chosen. This also makes the house lightweight, a positive factor considering the river proximity. From the architects at Kali Arquiteture this house is :“an edge of the prism would be placed in the land border and the three other walls would be large mobile glass walls (sliding doors that allow tight integration with the surroundings)”.

Use of simple lines and pure materials were key to developing the Pool House project. The interiors are minimalist, showcasing a color palette in tones of gray, black and white. The only opaque wall of the residence also serves as storage and support for various types of equipment. Stylish and inviting, this unconventional holiday oasis welcomes guests inside just to contemplate on the wondrous environment. What are your thoughts regarding this contemporary living refuge?

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