Jumat, 15 Mei 2015

A skyscraper in China designed by the American architectural

The Greenland Group Suzhou Center in China was designed by the American architectural practice of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill- the winner of a competition for designing a skyscraper in China.
The design of Greenland Group Suzhou Center incorporates into the building a tremendous window covering thirty floors. The multiple-purpose tower will be set next to the Taihu Lakein Wuijang and it will become a landmark for the city with its window that covers a third of the building and is set towards the old part of the city. The building is planned to be finished in 2015 and will have 358 meters in which there will be office spaces, stores, apartments and a hotel in the 75 floors.

The building incorporates an atrium which practically separates the two sides of the building also adding extra ventilation to the interior.
This is the sixth building that this firm designs for the Chinese property developers of the Greenland Group and they also designed the Burj Khalifa tower which is at the moment the highest building on the planet.

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