Kamis, 19 November 2015

The Benefits Of Timber Sash Windows

It is all too easy to get caught up in the PVC trend when looking to replace old windows, especially if your sash windows have come to the end of their functional life. PVC can appear to be the better choice, because it lays claim to being maintenance free, and can also claim to have a 35-year lifespan in its current guise. However, the reality may be quite different. The fact that you can’t paint the PVC frame may mean that it is maintenance free, but it also means that any discolouration caused by the sun or other atmospheric conditions cannot be repaired.

All it takes to bring a timber frame back to its former glory is a couple of coats of decent quality gloss paint. There’s no need to endure having the whole frame and window replaced, and it should only be necessary to paint the windows every few years, with some light and simple cleaning helping to ensure that the frame continues to look its best in between the paint jobs.

Timber offers a more natural and traditional look than PVC. In some instances, you may be required to replace existing timber frames with new timber frames, especially in conservation areas. Some buildings may even require that you specifically replace with sash windows in order to retain the same overall design and traditional look. However, even if this isn’t the case, do you really want to remove the character that comes from traditional timber frames, and replace this with PVC?

Sash windows themselves are very functional. They typically consist of a number of moving panels, allowing you to let as much air in or out as required. The sliding mechanism means that windows do not need to open out, and modern sash windows typically include safety and energy saving features that mean that they offer modern functionality while still retaining the period features and traditional great looks that only timber frame sash windows can provide.

Another benefit of modern sash windows is that they can be double or even triple glazed. This helps ensure energy efficiency, but it also serves to help reduce noise pollution from outside. Once the windows are closed, you won’t be able to hear traffic noises, and closing the windows in winter means that the cold and wet weather is left outside.

Timber frames also allow some natural ventilation, which is important in any home. PVC frames effectively create a sealed box, and this means that the modern home needs regular airing or ventilation in order to prevent mould and other problems from surfacing.

Sash windows are functional, attractive, and traditional. While they are available with PVC frames, if you want a truly traditional look and want to enjoy the benefits of window frames that could potentially last for 100 years or more, then timber frames may be your best option. You should ensure that you buy good quality frames and windows, and that they have all of the appropriate fixtures and features to help ensure safety and energy efficiency.

The Box Sash Window Co provides double and even triple glazed sash windows with traditional and beautiful timber frames. Whether you are looking to change to sash windows, or upgrade from existing sash windows, they can advise on the best options and help ensure that you get the best windows for your property.

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