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How to Survive The Rennovation Rollercoaster

Granted your renovation isn’t in a war zone though sometimes it is going to feel like it. Sometimes it will look like it. Making the decision to undertake a renovation is a major one. Undergoing one, no matter how well planned and executed can be a traumatic experience. Here are some ways to prepare and survive intact.

It is a rule of thumb that building work costs more than you think. Even a reputable builder will tell you to make an allowance. There are some eventualities that can never be anticipated. Until you open something up you can’t be 100% sure of what is underneath.

The cost of materials, goes up and rarely does it happen the other way around. Sure hiring a reputable company and getting a quote will take some possible sting out of the tail. Getting a guarantee is good, as is knowing how long it will all take. The percentage of builds that come in under budget are in the minority.

The second unwritten rule is that it takes longer than you think. Again, unforeseen circumstance crop up, fixtures and fittings are delayed, and the weather is unkind. All of this can be anticipated to some extent.

A Reno is an emotional business.

No matter how well planned you are, your project is going to be an upheaval. You will no doubt be delighted at the prospect of seeing the final result, but it makes sense to prepare yourself for the stages in between. A company like Million Dollar Makeovers will let you know how to deal with any eventuality.

Before it all begins

This is possibly the most exciting time before the bit at the end. You are on real high here. You have your wish list and your builder, expert or architect has been delighted to let you know that everything is possible. They are right. At a cost, anything is indeed possible.

Bringing it back in

The reality check of what is affordable sometimes bites here. There might be other issues to do with planning or consent. Still you’ll adapt your design and shorten your wish list.

Get Out

Hopefully, you are not one of those people who thinks it would save money or simply be possible to live in your house while the renovations happen. Trust me, this is not a good idea. It’s not just the army of contractors who will be living with you or their tools and even if they take their boots off all the time. They can't and they won’t. They will make a noise and a mess. et out, stay out. Go and stay with family, hire a house or go house sitting. Plan this one out.

Stay Out

Tempting as it is to oversee things, you have paid a professional to do that, and you have taken out building insurance. Unless you hate your house and delight in its destruction, stay well away. Seeing the paraphernalia of your life being ripped out is rarely pleasant. Busy, hardworking contractors will scowl at you. You are in the way.

It’s not as big as I thought

Until the final colour schemes go on your walls, your new space will expand but mostly it will shrink and feel dark and unloved. This is possibly your lowest potential moment. Resist the need to go in and clean up. At this stage, there will only be more mess. Your garden is a tip, and there are vehicles parked on the drive. No one at this stage is going anywhere - they are trying to get it finished.

The finished result

Except that it’s probably not the end. Elements of your build will need to weather in, landscaping may need a season to recover. Most of all you will need to get used to it. But you are relieved and delighted. It has, in all likelihood, been worth it. By forewarning yourself, you have been prepared for the renovation rollercoaster.

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