Kamis, 26 November 2015

Bright Ideas to Bring The Outside In

Homes and gardens are two separate things, right? Well that all depends on how you look at it!
The boundaries may have been well defined at one time. A vase full of flowers on the table signalled the end of the division. Things got a little crazy when houseplants started to invade. Then there were conservatories, which was almost like being in the garden. Patios became decks and verandas. And it didn’t stop there! These days whole houses are built of on the principle of light and green. Blending the two seamlessly is known as letting the outside in or the ubiquitous’ lovely inside outside flow’.

Seriously though it is time to let the outside in and your renovation should be based around it. Doing so creates another room, for everyone to enjoy. The extent of your project is only limited by your imagination. Take a look around some of the standout properties on your street. They will all have mastered the art of the blending in house and garden. Talk to therenovationcompany.com.au about the possibilities. Think outside the box.

Adding structure.

Simple enough to do with a conservatory or a versatile Pergola. These just have a magic way of creating an intimate outdoor space. Take your pergola out over the deck. This has the effect of framing your entrance nicely but somehow works its magic by allowing you to feel enclosed by outside all at the same time. It may have something to do with the idea of framing boundaries that makes us feel more secure.

Either way pergolas have an instant effect. Amazingly they are super quick to put up and can be as long and wide as you like. Planted up with fragrant climbers each season will bring you more pleasure. You could add climbing fruits to provide you with a seasonal meal and a great talking point.

Eye Catching Paint job.

Some older houses simply suffer from drab or old fashioned paint jobs. A way to instantly up the vibration of your house is to consider rendering the outside and perhaps splashing out on a new coat of paint. There are some really funky colours now that can blend in with the garden and really create harmony, or charming contrasts. Colours don’t have to be dull earth tones. You could add a real splash of beach and coast anywhere you are, simply by adding a more vibrant shade of colour.


The humble front and back garden has had its day. These days everything can blend into one seamless whole. Feature plants can be added anywhere. Garden centres have a great selection. You can use planters for lagers specimens or simply smaller pots and boxes. These can all be low maintenance and can look incredible set off with gravel, stones and even larger rocks.

Let Your Inner Artist Out

Why just have art in house? Enjoy the opening up of your home with contemporary sculpture. Metal Art is hip and rusting no longer signifies something that needs a coat of paint.

From water features to natural pools. From sun drenched decking to hammocks like the ones on hayneedle.com. There are a myriad of ways to start enjoying your whole house inside and out.

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