Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015

QS Supplies introduces to you their fascinating world of bathroom trends

Who says that traditional bathroom products cannot be used in contemporary settings? Infact most can easily find a place in our modern homes and offices and that too with advantages that outweigh their modern counterparts. You will be surprised at the sheer variety and quality of designing and practical utility of products that reflect Victorian styling. QS Supplies are confident that your experience with one of their creations will be enjoyable to a point of distraction. One look at these solid, eye-catching bathroom products will almost compel you to adopt these and take them home.

The Chandelier Shower

Would you like to bring an aura of stateliness and grandeur to your very modern bathroom? Take a look at this Chandelier Shower. Their expert craftsmen have magnificently used an 18th century chandelier as a base and transformed it into a useful yet luxurious shower area utility. Intricately and delicately crafted into a shower head, it assures you many a charming and enjoyable shower under its regal canopy. Its glass is resplendent and exudes an air of majestic pomp and glory, enhancing the ambience of the bathroom. Now, shower in style with our Chandelier shower and experience status and luxury like the days of yore.

The Digital Tap

In complete contrast to the showerhead is the very modern, hi-tech Digital tap. QS Supplies created it with only one principle in mind—Multi-tasking. Featuring an awe-inspiring combination of a phone, music system and a bath mixer tap, this one indulges you like no other fixture. Now listen to music of your choice or catch up with the latest gossip with friends while soaking away the blues in the bathtub. Its digital technology allows the user to pre-set the temperature of the bath water, your choice of song and other settings. These can be controlled with a help of a button or remote. The Digital tap makes all this and more a real possibility, saving you the most precious commodity and that is “time”.

The Digital Toilet Roll Holder 

Waterfall Tap with Iphone & Remote

The digital toilet paper holder is another out-of-the box solution to simplify your everyday toilet routine. Essentially a toilet paper holder is basic utility has now been repackaged and marketed with improved styling and quality, some brands even co-coordinating it with the WC unit or other fixtures. Most holders require a regular refilling of fresh paper that has to be manually done and can be cumbersome to remember. Also, when pulling out paper, there is a possibility that you may end up creating a mess on the floor if you mistakenly pull out more than what you need. To avoid such embarrassing situations and keep the area immaculately clean, QS Supplies has come up with the Digital-TP-dispenser. This eliminates unnecessary wastage of toilet paper by rendering a fixed no of sheets at a time which can be pre-fed into its system. It also auto-computes the dispensing capacity and displays the amount of toilet paper remaining and when it would need a refill.

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