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Make A Statement In Your Dining Room

When thinking of dining room décor, it is easy to think of the classic style décor. But things have moved on and modern twists can be put on this important room in the house. More and more people are deciding to be a bit more adventurous with home décor and that should not mean that the dining room is left out because there is a real opportunity to make it into a special room for entertaining and family meals. Here are a few ideas about how you might be able to make a home décor statement with your dining room.

Use Colour

Many believe that using minimalist colours in the dining room will make it a more comfortable and welcoming room for when you are entertaining guests. However, while this has some positives, using colour to make a bit of a statement should not be ruled out. Using bright colours such as pink or yellow as part of a feature wall add a sense of personality and warmth to the room. It also makes your dining room unique and memorable.

Focal Point

There should be a dominant focal point of furniture in your dining room. The main contender for this role is the dining table and chairs. If you get this selection correct then it will become the main eye-catching feature in your dining room. It has to be something comfortable to sit at but also a great space to entertain and have family meals. Choosing the correct size and style to fit your décor will be key.

Use A Theme

Having a theme to the room is a great way to create its identity. This can be something to cater to your personal taste or something you feel fits the room. For example if you have large glass doors backing onto the garden then an “outside in” theme would look great and creates a completely unique space. Alternatively, if you have a passion for Chinese culture then it would be a great way to display collected items to create a great space for you to display your skills in the kitchen.

A Personal Touch

The dining room could be a great place to portray all of your favourite memories. One idea for example would be to transfer your best photos from your favourite holidays onto canvas and display them around the room. Not only would this turn the room into a space to remind you of your fondest memories but it also becomes a great conversation starter for when you are entertaining family or friends.

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