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The Top 7 Safety Roofing Tips You Should Know

Knowing the Safety Guide Lines of Roofing

When roofing it is important to know the safety guidelines for yourself and for the protection of another employee. When talking about safety there are many areas of it when it comes to roofing there the safety of the tools, safety of the area and safety of the way we use our bodies. Roofing is a tough job and can be a dangerous job if you don’t follow the safety guide for roofing.

General Safety Tips for Roofing

Here are your general safety tips for roofing.
  • Always make sure the work area is clean, organized and blocked off from pet and children. Take notice of potentially dangerous area on your site, like power lines and unsafe roof access areas.
  • Don’t go on the roof when it is wet or slippery.
  • Avoid working on your roof in extremely hot or cold weather
  • Take advantage of the full-relate safety equipment available to you like harness and ropes with roof anchors into the framing of the roof structure.

Ladder Safety Tips for Roofing

Here are your ladder safety tips for roofing.
  • Read and follow all warning labels on the ladder, and never use a ladder that is broken or danger to you or anyone else,
  • Never use a metal ladder near power line.
  • Make sure your ladder is free of any slippery material or in a partially closed position.
  • Do not move or reposition a ladder while a person or equipment is on it.
  • A ladder used to access an elevated surface (the roof) must extend at least 3 feet above the point of the sport. Do not stand on any of the ladder that extends beyond its support.

Electrical Safety Tips for Roofing

Here are your electrical safety tips for roofing.
  • We cannot stress enough how vital it is to be careful around power lines, please if you cannot avoid them, call your local utility company before you start working.
  • Make sure you use wooden ladder or fiberglass ladder never use metal ladder, and be extra careful when using metal flashing. Remember that stored electricity can jump or “are” to a metal object several feet away.
  • Never touch down wire or hot wire with your hands

Nail Gun Safety Tips for Roofing

Nail Gun Safety tips for roofing a nail can be a very dangerous tool so follow the safety for this is important.
  • Never point a nail gun at anyone for any reason.
  • Always make sure all safety mechanism is working properly, and never tamper with it
  • Only pull the trigger when the end of the gun is firmly against the material to fasten. Do not “shoot” nails from a nail gun otherwise.
  • Always make sure your nail gun is properly clean, inspected and well-lubricated before use.

Handling Material Safety tips for Roofing

There are safety tips on how to handle material for our own safety.
  • You should never carry more than one bundle of shingles at a time this is a dangerous move, especially when climbing a ladder and walking across steep rooftops.
  • Remember to always leave with your legs rather than your back, and take as many breaks as you can avoid getting injured.
  • Always follow the shingles manufacture’s instruction and use the preferred installation and repair materials for your specific roof type.

Always Use the Top 7 Safety Tips for Roofing When doing your roof always remember to the use the 7 safety tips stay away down power lines, use ladders as label say and never use when slippery, make sure nail gun is clean and well-lubricated and ready to go and never point at anyone, always bend with your legs never with your back and never carry more then you need to, always make sure your area is clean and blocked off from children and pet, read all material label, make sure you have all the proper tools and they are in good condition. You can also call a company like Arlington roofing for free quotes and information if you need help.

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