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The Best Home Improvement Shows You Need to Watch

Do you ever find yourself staring around your house and wishing you had the money or the time to make some renovations? You're not alone. So many people love learning more about home improvement projects that there are now multiple television shows dedicated to those projects and dozens of shows on television. While some of those shows focus more on higher end and upscale projects, others give you useful information that you can use in your own home. Find out which shows are the best and most entertaining before you sit down and watch.

The Vanilla Ice Project

Have you ever wondered what happened to former rapper Vanilla Ice after he quit rapping? After a stint on a VH-1 reality show, the rapper moved back to Florida, married, had a few children and started his own renovation company. The Vanilla Ice Project spends 30 minutes following the rapper and his crew as he works on local homes and helps his clients. The show also spawned a spinoff that sent the rapper to Ohio to work on homes owned by the local Amish. The series is entertaining and offers some ideas for things you can do in your home.

Holmes on Holmes

Though Holmes on Holmes is no longer on the air, you can pick up a lot of tips from reruns. Holmes is a licensed and professional contractor who meets with clients in their homes to inspect the structures and find solutions to the problems he uncovers. He gives them tips on what to ask contractors before hiring one, how to ensure contractors are doing the best job possible and how they can repair the mistakes that contractors made in the past. The show often featured electrical and plumbing problems.

This Old House

This Old House is the oldest home improvement show on the air today. Launched in 1979, the show featured legendary and iconic expert Bob Vila as its host. Though Vila retired in 1989, the show carried on with various experts taking over the hosting duties. This Old House focuses primarily on the problems found in older homes, including roofing damage, plumbing problems and cracked foundations. If you have an older home and enjoy the show, you can pick up more tips through the show's magazines or on its website. The website offers detailed tips on making repairs and doing DIY improvements.

HGTV Caribbean Life

Watching real estate shows is a great way to get some inspiration for your own home improvement and renovation projects. HGTV Caribbean Life is a show that started in 2014 and focuses on the real estate market in the Caribbean. Each episode shows the host taking buyers on tours of local homes and helping them find a new place to live that fits with their budgets. Use the show to find ways you can incorporate the Caribbean lifestyle into your own home, and check Jason Hanold's IMDB page for more details about the show.

Watching real estate, home improvement and renovation shows can help you decide what you want to renovate or change in your home and give you some ideas for the future. Kick back and have fun watching one of these shows, which feature famous faces like Bob Vila and Vanilla Ice.

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