Sabtu, 28 Maret 2015

Inspiring from the residence in Norway : ZEB Pilot house

ZEB Pilot house is an design completed by  Snøhetta,in collaboration with ZEB and Ootimera. This house is an innovative architecture project embedding a variety of sustainable solutions.
The building in Larvik, Norway has everything a single family house needs, yet it is intended as a show-home for various groundbreaking energy-efficient systems. But we can’t help feeling intrigued by its original exterior, with an oblique dominant black volume and sloping roof clad in solar panels. Have a look at the last photo of this post for a better understanding of the project and its features!

Architects believe , focus on carbon emissions associated with building materials represents a new direction in the vital drive toward a sustainable construction industry: “To achieve ZEB-OM classification the project is required to document and verify a minimum of 100% CO2 offsetting. Renewable energy production via photovoltaic and solar-thermal panels integrated in the building envelope enables offsetting of carbon emissions generated by the burning of fossil fuels in power stations. By offsetting in this manner we reduce emission of other greenhouse gasses simultaneously.”
ZEB Pilot House in Norway is an inspiring example of how architecture and sustainable technology combine in raising living standards, as well as environmental consciousness.

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