Jumat, 27 Maret 2015

Inspiring from the interior design of a cozy apartment in Barcelona, Spain

Let inspire from the cozy apartment in Barcelona, Spain which was designed by owners Dunia Garriga and Mario Calavera as their home which they share with their two children. 

From the traditional elements with the contemporary ones to create a very cozy and elegant interior which has its own personality expressed by the use of color contrasts and a large array of decorations. The central area is the living space which incorporates the dining area and is equipped with an eclectic combination of furniture that creates a varied and colorful ambiance.
The living space is illuminated through the aid of the two large floor-to-ceiling windows and the white plastered walls ensure a bright interior.
The kitchen has a triangular shape and is quite small but it provides sufficient space for the needs of the family, while the bedrooms are larger and focus on providing as much comfort as possible in a colorful setting.

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