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How To Help Make Your Air More Pleasant

Household odors are embarrassing. Few remarks can cause your cheeks to flush as quickly as a guest’s offhanded comment, “What is that smell?” Even worse, a bad scent in your house often is the harbinger of dangerous problems, such as mold infestations, food spoilage, and households pests, such as mice and insects. If your house isn't smell its freshest, don’t panic. Below are several actions you can take to keep your home smelling fresh.

Don’t Rely Only on Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are the bandages of home cleaning. Although they may smell pleasant in the short-term period, indoor air quality specialists report that they fail to fix to root causes of unpleasant household odors. Even worse, air fresheners are often the source of chemical contamination, reducing your home's indoor air quality (IAQ) considerably.

Moreover, the scent in your standard air freshener is wholly artificial. Do yourself a favor and create a better odor-reduction plan than simply buying air fresheners at the supermarket.

Wash Your Dishes

Your kitchen can harbor all types of food aromas. Decaying food can leave a lingering aroma behind. This problem is especially pronounced in the sink. Dishes with food particles on them may cause recurring odor problems that gradually spread throughout your house. Be sure to clean any food particles off your dishes immediately after using them and wash them regularly.

Run the food disposal unit when food waste accumulates, and be sure to periodically run deodorizing soap or thinly sliced lemon peel down the disposal as well to prevent problems from emerging.

Clean the Carpet

Keeping your carpets in perfect shape doesn’t begin and end with vacuuming. As people walk on carpets, debris can get pushed into the carpeting by foot traffic. Even after the items of garbage are vacuumed up, odors and stains can stay and become baked into the floor. Children and family pets can also exacerbate the problem.

To counteract carpet odors, use a deodorizing carpet powder. Sprinkle the powder onto the carpet, allow the powder to sit on the carpet for a few minutes, and then vacuum the carpet to remove the powder.

Decorate With Indoor Houseplants

Growing some indoors plants is a great way to both remove unpleasant smells and brighten up your place. Tending plants can seem like work, but in fact, the amount of care required by a plant varies widely by the type. Succulent plants, for instance, need relatively little water and are a good choice for people who are often away from home and can't be present to water plants. As far as scents, plants such as jasmine and orchids can help make your air more pleasant. Certainly the first step to addressing your house’s odor problem is simply admitting that a problem exists. While realizing that carelessness with debris and an inadequate cleaning regimen are embarrassing sources of the problems, you can take some steps to solve home odor issues before they worsen and compromise your home's indoor air quality.

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