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Precast Garages

There are many good reasons to add a garage to your house or property. Beyond giving you a place to park your car and protect it from the weather, a garage can be used as an extra storage space, or a workshop. It likely will also add value to your property above and beyond the cost. If you are planning to add a garage, there are many types, sizes and construction methods to consider. One worth taking a close look at is precast garages.

Rather than being constructed on site like most garage projects, a precast garage is built in a factory and then transported to and installed on the site. This offers some advantages. For one, you could have a garage very quickly, without having to wait for it to be constructed on site. This has the further advantage of not being disruptive like a local construction project would be. A precast garage can be installed quite quickly with minimal fuss.

Precast Advantages

The fact that the garage is prebuilt in a factory has benefits other than sheer convenience however. It actually improves the quality. Concrete that has been cast in a factory is done so in a much more controlled environment, being protected from the weather and the variabilities found on a construction site. Economies of scale are also realised, in that the factory works on many projects so can get quantity discounts on materials and passing that savings on to you. Custom and one off construction increases costs.

Precast garages can be built to match your house or complement your property. Although built from cement, they can be sided with any material such as brick or wood to suit any taste. They can also be moulded in the factory to look like brick, shiplap or stone. The concrete construction ensures that the facias are maintenance free as well.


A precast garage is also inherently more secure. The extreme strength and durability of concrete not only deters would be thieves but will prevent them from ever getting in should they be so foolish to try. A precast garage provides a virtual vault for your car or belongings. An added component is that this strength and durability makes a precast garage completely weatherproof and storm proof.

Precast garages can be very flexible in that you can order from a range of styles and designs to suit your taste and need. Different sizes can be ordered to accommodate whatever vehicle you have or whatever storage needs you might have. Depending on the design, you can also order different wall thicknesses and lengths. Roof pitch can be customized to create even more storage space if necessary or desired.

And finally, the cost of a precast garage is probably lower than if you were to have one cast on site. In the controlled environment of the factory, processes have been perfected through repetition. Less skilled labour is required too, all contributing to a lower price tag while at the same time increasing quality.

Given all the benefits of a precast garage, shouldn’t you consider one before having a traditional garage built?

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