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Luxury design inspiration from the home of extravagance

If you have ever paid a visit to the legendary city of Las Vegas, then you will know that there is no holding back when it comes to luxury. Swanky and opulent describes the tourist accommodation you will enjoy there, and it is so luxurious that you may be tempted to bring a little of the Vegas style home with you.

There is possibly just one man who is responsible for the popular image of Las Vegas, and that man is Steve Wynn. Known as the uncrowned king of Las Vegas, Wynn was the brains behind a tourism empire, populating Vegas with high-end hotels that had a deliberate focus on wowing all visitors. And he seemed to spare no cost in doing so. Back in 2005, he had just opened a new Vegas resort costing $2.7bn. The resort featured ballrooms, a museum, boutiques, and theaters. For Wynn, opulence was not just for show – it was art.

While replicating the Eiffel Tower or an Egyptian pyramid might be a bit ambitious for your own home, there are other aspects of Vegas interior decoration that you can use. The overall theme of much of Las Vegas interior decoration is that of urban chic, a cosmopolitan feel that still manages to be warm and welcoming.

Let us start with your bedroom. Here you can replicate the look of a Las Vegas hotel bedroom, complete with a stunning, eye-grabbing headboard and oversized bed. Use only the best-quality fabrics for your bed linen, such as Egyptian cotton for the bedsheets, but ramp up the luxury aspect with silk or velvet throws for decoration at the foot of the bed. Add throw cushions to emphasize the comfort level. Keep wall decoration to a minimum with just a few modern pictures hung on the wall against a plain background.

Moving on to the living areas of your home, here you can bring in long sofas that provide plenty of seating, but forget the overly soft models that are perhaps a little too cozy. Instead, opt for more classic shapes that accentuate every curve and decoration. Use L-shaped models to give the idea of lobby seating and to make the best use of available space. Ensure the seating is upholstered in a plush fabric.

The bathrooms in Las Vegas hotel suites are probably the most impressive rooms. Bring a little of their sophistication to your own home by installing dual basins so that you and your partner can have their own bathroom space. Accessorize with wall-mounted heated towel racks, extending mirrors, and designer wall lights. If possible, swap your old bathtub for a glass-fronted shower cubicle with tiled sides.

Your home can be given a sheen of glamour with high-impact lighting. For central pendant lights, hang elaborate crystal or glass chandeliers, and create different levels of lighting with wall and sidelights to help create a golden, shimmering atmosphere.

You too can achieve Vegas glamour in your home by replicating the look of its hotel accommodation, installing clever lighting solutions, and by keeping all aesthetics crisp and clean.

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